name: page
pronouns: they/them
birthdate: 02.23.93
location: usa bound
other: 5w4, infp-t
i could tell you a long winding story about how i arrived here, yet chances are you've heard it already from other neocitizens. mine is not very different, nor that interesting. (yes, i too am a social media burnout.)

what i will say is that i have recently decided to create a personal site for my art, as well as a means to navigate my hobbies and interests online. living in the modern world, it's easy for me to get lost in my boring day job or get sucked into other people's lives. fortunatley, neocities has given me some liberties to refind myself.

there isn't a much else for me to say as i try to keep some details of my life to a minimum, but if there is anything you'd like to know - feel free to ask me in a comment on my profile. otherwise, thanks for stopping by!


10.11.22 site design rehaul: created index page, new additions in music and log
09.29.22 added a log entry
09.22.22 partially uploaded site, added a log entry
09.20.22 neocities domain claim
08.24.22 site name decided, design in progress